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"I enjoyed this.

Crystal Garden is an entertaining insight into tripping, love, and the rise of a counter-culture in 60s' San Francisco. When Phil and his friends experiment with LSD they quickly become attuned to revolutions both personal and global, yet does the drug represent freedom or simply another form of control? Peppered with detail and interesting characterisation, Nuwar's tale works as both a semi-historical document and an authentic, intriguing story. Take a ride, it won't be a bad trip."


"Steve Nuwar's short novel takes us back to 60s San Francisco as Phil and Janice find their places in the city at the time of mind-expanding explorations of LSD. But it soon turns out there's a dark side to the new freedom. Crystal Garden, reminiscent of Philip K. Dick's A Scanner Darkly, powerfully evokes a time and a place when people thought they could change the world."

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I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. I was pleasantly surprised as the subject matter was unfamiliar, and, at first, unappealing to me. However, the vividness of Steve Newar's writing of the description of tripping was full of imagery, highlighting the heightened physical and mental awareness that apparently comes with taking LSD. The narrative cleverly shifts from reality, and one is not aware when the transition happened, and one is drawn into the kaleidoscope of experience . Characters are cleverly built, with humour and wit. The novel also draws on the ultimate futility of escape from a mundane world: a freedom rarely achieved. I would definitely recommend this book.

Yvonne Chamberlain

This is a brilliant book written in eloquent, upbeat language by a man who will emerge as the literary master of our time. This pageturner is a must read.

Peter Messiah

I didn't pick this up with any expectation but was surprised by an extremely enjoyable, thought-provoking journey through the hazy world of the California LSD generation.

parent and assembler

This is a really fantastic read , brilliantly written definitely would recommend !

Amazon Customer

Really well written. Look out for more from this author.

Martin Littlt

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